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Mr. Obama, Time’s Up

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We have now been fighting in Afghanistan longer than the Civil War, World War I and World War II combined.

It’s time to come home.

It’s a damn handshake…

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At Nelson Mandela’s memorial in South Africa, President Obama – while going to his seat – shook several hands. One of those hands belonged to Raul Castro.

And, of course, republicans have gone apeshit over it. John McCain even invoked Godwin’s Law and compared it to shaking hands with Hitler. Read the rest of this entry

Meet The Nominee For Entrepreneur…I Mean Surgeon General

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Quick, who is the current Surgeon General of the US?


C. Everett Koop

He can’t get up

Okay, who was the last one you can name? Did you say C. Everett Koop? You know, the guy from those Life Alert commercials.

It’s okay – I had the same answer. Unless you’re a higher-up in the medical industry, you probably don’t keep up with the Surgeon General too much.

But what would you say if I told you there have been 13 people in that position (including those who were “acting” and weren’t nominated) since Koop retired in 1989? (To put this in perspective, from the time the position was created in 1879, there were only 12 people in that position, one of them “acting”, for the next 102 years…)

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Everybody In, Nobody Out

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While our news channels are letting us know whether Obama is a saint or a liar because of Obamacare (and, of course, due to your news source of choice), Vermont has done something interesting.

They became the first state to pass a single-payer universal health care law for residents.

The system will be fully operational by 2017. It will be funded by Medicare and Medicaid, federal money (ACA money given to Vermont), and – you guessed it – an increase in taxes, although the increase is currently being referred to as “slight”. Vermont residents will be able to go to any doctor in any hospital in the state totally free of chrage. No bronze or silver plans, no reinstated plans that don’t cover anything – no horse hockey.

Some say this will bankrupt the state. Some say this will lead to tons of fraud. Some say this will cause the skies to open up and rain toads down on us all. I guess we’ll find out in time.

Vermont once passed a law that put restrictions on campaign contributions. Corporate lobbyists appealed to the SCOTUS, who struck down the law. Let’s just hope they don’t do the same to this one, and let’s hope the rest of the Union looks to Vermont as an example.

Clyde O. Watson

Okay, I May Have Been Wrong. You Might Be Able To Keep Your Insurance

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Recently, President Obama apologized for the whole “You can keep your insurance” debacle. In my article here, I said that he should do something about it, and I’d be willing to guess that the majority of Americans agree with me.

Well, if the move Obama now wants to go with is allowed to go through, then he’s done something about it; and I have to say, I like it.

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No, You Can’t Keep Your Insurance

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No, you probably can’t keep your insurance. Know why? Because insurance companies are greedy.

The first time Obama said you can keep your insurance plan was in 2009. And at the time, he was right. Then the Department of Health and Human Services (the Secretary of which is Kathleen Sebelius, former Kansas Insurance Commissioner, appointed by Obama*) changed the provision. They wrote regulations that narrowed that provision, by saying that if any part of a policy was significantly changed since that date — the deductible, co-pay, or benefits, for example — the policy would not be grandfathered.

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We’re Part Of The Problem

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Congress’ approval rating is, as we all pretty much know, at record lows. Real Clear Politics shows the average among polls (major news sources and other regular polling institutions) to be at 84.2% on the disapproval side. Almost 85% of Americans believe that Congress as a whole is doing a shitty job of taking care of the country and doing what they’re supposed to do: represent their constituents.

However, when those same people are polled about their individual representatives, around 60% of the people polled felt that they were doing a good job.

Do you see the problem here?

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