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Why We’re Screwed…

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The United States Constitution was written by visionaries. There’s really no denying that. The brilliant men who drafted the Constitution were brilliant and insightful.

They also recognized that the US Constitution wasn’t about them. It was about something greater. These men had the foresight and clarity of mind to draft a constitution that protects the people living in the country from the people running the country. They drafted a constitution designed to prevent any one group or person from becoming too powerful. Read the rest of this entry

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Shuts Down a Government

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When they’re making public speeches, politicians love to talk about how upset they are about the government shutdown. Both sides go on and on about how awful it is that the American people are suffering. And they really love to talk about how the other side doesn’t care.

But every time we peek behind the public relations curtain… Every time politicians talk anonymously, or when they don’t think we can hear them…

Well, in those situations, we get a glimpse of the truth:

Most democrats and republicans only care about winning the political game they’re playing. Read the rest of this entry

A Short Video About Healthcare

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I don’t know who this guy is. Apparently, he’s a YouTube video star, or whatever they’re called. He’s internet famous.

And he makes some damn good points.

Love Letters From The NSA (or, Hey, Baby, How’d You Like To Get Snowden Together?)

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You must be the Constitution, because I want to violate you.

You must be the Constitution, because I want to violate you.

So The Wall Street Journal reports that some NSA agents have been known to use their technology and unfettered power to track (read: spy on) love interests, both current and past. It’s okay, though – an official estimates that it’s only happened handful of times in the past decade.

Because, you know, we’re supposed to totally trust what the NSA tells us. Why would they lie? It’s not like they can do what they want and then change the laws to make whatever they want to do legal. I’m sure Congress keeps them on a short leash, and Obama has promised us (and Jay Leno!) that there’s no such thing as a domestic spying program in the US.

Read the rest of this entry

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