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American People, You Confuse Me

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The approval rating of Congress is at an all-time low. In pretty much every poll – from Fox to CBS to Gallup – voters are very clear that they do not approve of our current Congress. Most of the polls hover around a 9% approval rating.

It’s bad.

It’s so bad, in fact, that voters are even saying they think their own representatives need to be replaced. That’s very rare. Usually, people poll along the lines of, “Congress is bad, but my Congressperson is okay.” Not anymore. Nowadays, Americans generally agree that Congress sucks. Period.

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Today Is The Day

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Get out there and vote.

That is all.

Clyde O Watson

A Rock And A Hard Place

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The race for Governor in Virginia is heating up!

No, wait. That’s not quite right. It’s not really heating up. It’s not cooling off, either. It’s kind of congealing, the way slime tends to do.

When Virginians go to the ballot on November 5th, they’ll have the chance to vote for Governor. The ballot is set to include:

Have you ever walked up to a buffet, hungry as all get-out, your mouth watering at the thought of some real good roast beef, and then there’s only shit in the warmers? Well, that’s what’s going on in Virginia. Sure, some of the shit isn’t as stinky as the others, but it’s still shit.

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We’re Part Of The Problem

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Congress’ approval rating is, as we all pretty much know, at record lows. Real Clear Politics shows the average among polls (major news sources and other regular polling institutions) to be at 84.2% on the disapproval side. Almost 85% of Americans believe that Congress as a whole is doing a shitty job of taking care of the country and doing what they’re supposed to do: represent their constituents.

However, when those same people are polled about their individual representatives, around 60% of the people polled felt that they were doing a good job.

Do you see the problem here?

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