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The Power of Words

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I’m gonna’ admit something here… after some thought, I think I’ve been wrong in my view of offensive language.  Let me warn you up front that some of the things I say in this blog will be horribly offensive. It’s not gratuitous, though. The horrible things I’ll say are to illustrate a point. Okay, with that out of the way, here we go… Read the rest of this entry

From A Certain Point Of View

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Some of you may have heard about the recent attack on a man in Manhattan. For those of you who haven’t, here’s a little summary of what happened: A black man is standing in (or in the vicinity of) Union Square, an area that is bustling with people, around 3:00pm. He states loudly that he is going to “punch the first white man I see”. Accounts vary, depending on the source – some say he said “I’m going to fuck up the first white man I see,” some claim he said “white person” instead of “white man”, etc. The fact stands, though, that the man was making racist threats.

He then followed through on that threat. 62-year old Jeffrey Babbitt, a retired train conductor, happened to walk by, on his way to a comic book shop. Lashawn Martin, the man making the racially-charged threats, punched him in the face. Mr. Babbitt fell to the ground, striking his head. Mr. Martin also attacked two men who tried to come to Mr. Babbitt’s aid, and then stated he would wait where he was for the police. Mr. Martin was taken into custody by authorities; Mr. Babbitt was later declared brain dead and died on Monday morning.

Should this be tried as a hate crime?

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My Cure to the N-Word Controversy

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You know, the N-word is one of the most explosive and emotional debates in this country. Well, I have good news! I figured out a 100% effective cure to this social problem.

Some of you won’t like my cure, but that’s really not my problem. Fact is, I have the cure.

Okay, here it is… Read the rest of this entry

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