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I’m Not Loving It

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I’m sure you know that some of the largest companies in the US are the absolute worst when it comes to paying their employees a wage they can actually live on. Walmart, McDonald’s, etc. come to mind immediately, and the list on that link might name a couple you wouldn’t initially think of.

We can talk all day about wage disparity, about the upper class, the middle class, the lower class, blah blah blah. We can go on for hours on the who and why. Well, I’m going to touch on one of the “why”s.


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A 60% Discount and the Fundamental Problems It Represents

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My wife had to get some blood work done last week. It was just a standard part of her visit to the doctor. Normal stuff.

Before she went to the hospital to get the blood work done, she asked what kind of discount she could get if she paid the bill in cash, all up front.

Well, we were delighted to discover that paying in cash got us a 60% discount on the bill.

That’s great, right? 60% savings! That’s over half off!

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Why We – Specifically, I – Need The ACA

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A few years ago, my wife and I fell into an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. We got a chance at the dream that many Americans have: We got the chance to start our own business. Now, it’s not a huge business. It’s definitely a small business. We rarely have more than three employees – and that’s including my wife and myself – at any given time.

When we first started this business, we thought we’d found the end of the rainbow. We live pretty far back in the sticks, so a drive to any “real” job would take at least 45 minutes one way. And it’s not 45 highway minutes – this is 45 mountain minutes (which means that if you get behind a coal truck, you’re going to be late).

We didn’t get rich then, and we’re still not rich. You’d be hard pressed to even say we’re comfortable. We still live paycheck to paycheck like most people. We don’t eat in fancy restaurants or have steak for dinner every night. We don’t have fancy cars. Hell, my truck is old enough to buy alcohol legally. But we were okay. We could pay the bills enough to keep the lights on and the water running.

We had both been out of work for a while, so we didn’t have any insurance. Her last job hadn’t offered it at all, and while mine had, who can afford COBRA? Certainly not us, and it had been more than 18 months anyway, so that wasn’t an option. We started looking into it, got some quotes.

In early January a girl happened to come by the house. She was working for such-and-such insurance company. I don’t remember the name, and it really isn’t important. She showed us a good policy for health and life insurance that would take care of both my wife and I if one or the other happened to fall ill and, God forbid, pass away.

We loved it. It was exactly what we were looking for. And even more so, it was within our budget. We would finally be able to go to the doctor when one of us got a sinus infection or some other kind of ailment. Our insurance would start on February 1st, and we’d be covered.

On January 28th, I had my first heart attack.

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A Short Video About Healthcare

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I don’t know who this guy is. Apparently, he’s a YouTube video star, or whatever they’re called. He’s internet famous.

And he makes some damn good points.

Friendly Skies My Butt

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My wife recently had the “pleasure” of taking a rather long, cross-country flight. Since we don’t live in a metropolis, she had to fly from a small local airport into a big hub airport in a major city.

Now, I could complain about the fact that she missed her connecting flight at the hub because her plane was late in arriving, both at our airport and at the hub. I could complain about the fact that the plane she got onto as a replacement wasn’t near as nice as the one that we originally paid for. (Here’s a little tip from your Uncle Clyde – if you’re flying first class and get bumped to another flight, make them give you something besides a seat on another plane!) But I won’t.

What I will complain about is the TSA, or as I like to call it, The Security Actors.

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