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Three Branches of Government

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So I read that all three branches of government are now calling for reform of the NSA.

Except, you know, they’re actually not.

Because if they were, it would already be done, wouldn’t it? Don’t the three branches make up the government that is supposed to run the NSA?

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What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

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When I talked yesterday about Brazil buying planes from Sweden instead of the US because of the NSA bull hockey, I figured that we’d start to hear from corporations who were upset about losing business based on the way our government acts with the rest of the world (and its own citizens).

Well, I don’t like to blow my own horn, but…

“Toot, toot.”

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Hitting Them Right In The Wallet

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JAS 39 GripenCongress and President Obama can’t (or won’t) reign in the NSA. The public knows all about their shenanigans, but who has enough power to do something? We, The People? Of course not. They either have or could make up enough dirt on anyone who would matter that they’d shut the whole thing down in about 30 seconds.

Brazil, however…

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You’re Hurting People With Mental Illness

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I’ve touched on this issue before, but I think it’s a conversation worth continuing in more detail. Read the rest of this entry

What’s Right is What’s Best

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In the years leading up to the Civil War, there were many arguments in favor of slavery that seemed extremely logical. Most were slippery slope arguments, but they did raise concerns that several people thought were legitimate. Read the rest of this entry

Meet The Nominee For Entrepreneur…I Mean Surgeon General

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Quick, who is the current Surgeon General of the US?


C. Everett Koop

He can’t get up

Okay, who was the last one you can name? Did you say C. Everett Koop? You know, the guy from those Life Alert commercials.

It’s okay – I had the same answer. Unless you’re a higher-up in the medical industry, you probably don’t keep up with the Surgeon General too much.

But what would you say if I told you there have been 13 people in that position (including those who were “acting” and weren’t nominated) since Koop retired in 1989? (To put this in perspective, from the time the position was created in 1879, there were only 12 people in that position, one of them “acting”, for the next 102 years…)

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Happy Thanksgiving! Love, The NSA

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In a further effort to prove to their employees’ families that the NSA isn’t a global and domestic, bound-overstepping, rule-bending-and-sometimes-outright-breaking, megalomaniacal part of the government, the NSA sent home a document before Thanksgiving outlining some talking points that employees should use around the table or in front of the TV this past Thursday.

Because, you know, they have nothing good to say normally, so they had to come up with stuff. Like this:

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