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Welcome to December

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Here we are, already in December. It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that Jerry was telling me we should start this blog and use it as a kind of therapy. That conversation went something like this:

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Happy Halloween, You Damn Racist

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Today is Halloween. The day that kids people dress up as their favorite characters. A guy in a wheelchair can be Superman, flying high over Metropolis and fighting crime. A 98-lb. weakling can become Conan the Barbarian. Earth-bound people can be aliens from another planet, another galaxy, another universe.


Houghloween? (Sometimes I make myself laugh)

So why is it that when Miss Julianne Hough, actress, singer and two-time winner of that bastion of great television programming “Dancing with the Stars” decided that she wanted to dress up as her favorite character from a show people got all bent out of shape?

Here’s a hint: It’s because the character is black.

Now, I’ll go so far as to say this: I’m not a racist. I don’t care what color you or anybody else is. I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, red, green… If you’re an asshole, you’re an asshole, and I don’t care to say it. The color of your skin has no bearing on how you interact with the rest of the world.

I mean, let’s look at the Paula Deen thing that happened recently…

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Love Letters From The NSA (or, Hey, Baby, How’d You Like To Get Snowden Together?)

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You must be the Constitution, because I want to violate you.

You must be the Constitution, because I want to violate you.

So The Wall Street Journal reports that some NSA agents have been known to use their technology and unfettered power to track (read: spy on) love interests, both current and past. It’s okay, though – an official estimates that it’s only happened handful of times in the past decade.

Because, you know, we’re supposed to totally trust what the NSA tells us. Why would they lie? It’s not like they can do what they want and then change the laws to make whatever they want to do legal. I’m sure Congress keeps them on a short leash, and Obama has promised us¬†(and Jay Leno!) that there’s no such thing as a domestic spying program in the US.

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