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They Did It!

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Hey, everybody! Congress got together long enough to get everything going again for few months! Let’s run around and celebrate, patting each other on the back like we just pulled the astronauts back from the dark side of the moon into a trajectory that’ll get them home!

Bunch of idiots. Nobody should be congratulating you on doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway. If I work in a grocery store and manage to stock all the cereal boxes where they’re supposed to be I don’t get a pat on the back. You know why? Because it’s my job. That’s what I was hired to do.

I sincerely hope everyone remembers this come election time.

Government Shut-Down – Who Is To Blame?

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The Shutdown is Rapidly Becoming a Boehner Problem

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Americans are split on Obamacare. I think that’s a fair statement. The Quinnipiac University national survey found that 47% of Americans oppose Obamacare while 45% are in favor of it. I should note, though, that some within that 47% oppose it because it doesn’t go far enough.

No matter the reason, it’s safe to say that Americans are split on Obamacare.

But this blog isn’t about Obamacare. It’s about the shutdown.

And Americans are not split on this shutdown. Read the rest of this entry

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