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“Bernie or Bust” People Never Supported Bernie Sanders

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The title sums it up pretty well…

If you’re one of the “Bernie or Bust” people, you never supported Bernie in the first place. You’re either a liar or you’re the kid who took the football home with you when the other team scored a touchdown.

If you “supported” Bernie Sanders but now plan to vote for Trump, Gary Johnson, or even if you plan to sit this election out… you’re spitting in the face of everything Bernie Sanders stands for.

You don’t like Hillary Clinton. I get it. I’m not a particular fan of her myself. She lied to the American people about the emails and she gave speeches to Wall Street. That sucks. I totally understand why you preferred Bernie Sanders.

But if you’re voting for Donald Trump or Gary Johnson because Bernie lost, you’re voting for people who are promising to fight against every issue Bernie believes in. And if you’re going to choose to sit this election out, you’re helping those two men get elected, which amounts to the same thing.

Hillary is far from perfect, but she’s the only candidate who is running on the same basic principles Bernie ran on.So you think she’s probably lying. Again, I get it.

But she’s at least claiming to support the things Bernie supports. Trump and Johnson are actively fighting against those things.

At the end of the day, you’re left with two choices: Vote for a candidate who might fight for Bernie’s principles, or vote for candidates who are openly fighting against Bernie’s principles.

And let me be absolutely clear here… I’m not telling you who to vote for.

If you want to vote for Trump or Johnson, go for it. It’s your choice. That’s why we have free elections.

But please stop pretending you ever gave the tiniest shit about the things Bernie is fighting for, because if you did, you wouldn’t be voting for the people who are determined to stop Bernie and everything he believes in.

You’re burning down the house because you can’t fix the air conditioner.



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  1. As a Bernie supporter, I agree with you Jerry. The stakes are too high to “cut off the nose to spite the face.” Progressives have sent Hillary a clear message. Now they need to make sure she gets elected or recognize what not supporting her portends.

    • Exactly, Bill. I’m actually a big fan of Bernie. My problem isn’t really who these folks are voting for. It’s the fact that they’re voting against everything they claim to support, purely because they’re angry at Hillary.

      “Help! I’m drowning!”

      “I can help, but I only have a raft with a slow leak and rock. Which one do you want?”

      “A slow leak? Screw that!!!! That raft is defective! Throw me the rock!”

  2. I get how messed up voting for trump or johnson is. How about the folks who are supporting Jill Stein instead of Hillary?

    • If someone is voting for Jill Stein because they want her to be president, I support them 100%. Matter of fact, if someone is voting for Johnson or Trump because they want them as president, I support that 100%.

      I’m not telling anybody who to vote for or even who to vote against. I’m simply saying it’s absurd to claim you support Bernie, then vote for Trump or Johnson, because they actively stand against everything Bernie stands for.

      My post isn’t really about voting at all. It’s about hypocrisy.


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