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American People, You Confuse Me

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The approval rating of Congress is at an all-time low. In pretty much every poll – from Fox to CBS to Gallup – voters are very clear that they do not approve of our current Congress. Most of the polls hover around a 9% approval rating.

It’s bad.

It’s so bad, in fact, that voters are even saying they think their own representatives need to be replaced. That’s very rare. Usually, people poll along the lines of, “Congress is bad, but my Congressperson is okay.” Not anymore. Nowadays, Americans generally agree that Congress sucks. Period.

So here’s what I don’t understand… Read the rest of this entry

The Shutdown is Rapidly Becoming a Boehner Problem

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Americans are split on Obamacare. I think that’s a fair statement. The Quinnipiac University national survey found that 47% of Americans oppose Obamacare while 45% are in favor of it. I should note, though, that some within that 47% oppose it because it doesn’t go far enough.

No matter the reason, it’s safe to say that Americans are split on Obamacare.

But this blog isn’t about Obamacare. It’s about the shutdown.

And Americans are not split on this shutdown. Read the rest of this entry

Why We’re Screwed…

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The United States Constitution was written by visionaries. There’s really no denying that. The brilliant men who drafted the Constitution were brilliant and insightful.

They also recognized that the US Constitution wasn’t about them. It was about something greater. These men had the foresight and clarity of mind to draft a constitution that protects the people living in the country from the people running the country. They drafted a constitution designed to prevent any one group or person from becoming too powerful. Read the rest of this entry

Regulating Common Sense

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France has just outlawed children’s beauty pageants. They’ve made it illegal to organize one, with a two-year jail sentence being the penalty for doing so. And a hell of a lot of people here in the US are saying that’s a good thing. They’re saying that maybe we should adopt this idea and do the same thing here in the States.

To these people, I say: Have you lost your damn mind? Nevermind that our prisons are already overcrowded (thanks, marijuana laws/for-profit prison system!). Sure, there are some children’s beauty pageants that hyper-sexualize kids, which is what the Frenchies were doing when they made the new law. But we don’t need that here in America. You know what we need?

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