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We Have a New Facebook Page

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This is just an FYI, folks. We’re now using a new Facebook page, called “Politically Absurd.” The old page is no longer active. Here’s the link to our new page:

Politically Absurd

So hop on over and give us a “like” if you want. That’s where the real-time discussions happen now.

Have a good one.



This Isn’t Poetic Justice.

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“Donald Trump is a monster of the republicans’ own making.”

I hear this often.

And if I’m being totally honest here, it’s something I’ve said myself, quite often.

But the more I think about it, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not true. Read the rest of this entry

Do you remember?

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Rep. John Lewis & Sen. Bernie Sanders

Rep. John Lewis & Sen. Bernie Sanders

Yesterday, I talked about how we need to look at the source of our news because if you don’t, you might just get bamboozled. The next thing you need to ask is: “How deep should I look? Just because a source is or seems reputable does that mean I should listen to them?” Well, that part’s up to you.

And today, the news cycle gave us a perfect example of this. Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) spoke out in favor of Hillary Clinton, and mentioning – some say attacking, but that’s what we’re going to get into – Bernie Sanders, saying (and I won’t use quotes here because the quotes news sources use vary) that he never saw or met Bernie Sanders during the Civil Rights protests of the 1960’s.

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The internet is making us stupid

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I’ve probably said all this before, and to be honest, I’ll probably say it all again. But here it goes.

The internet is making us stupid.

“But the internet is a great learning tool! It makes the world a smaller place, bringing us closer to a global community!”

Well, you know how when you were in school there was always that one kid that would remind the teacher if she forgot to assign homework? Well, those people are on the internet, too.

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Watch the Damn Movie, Dr. Carson…

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Dr. Ben Carson is proof that being a brilliant surgeon doesn’t qualify you for the presidency any more than being a brilliant president qualifies you for brain surgery. Read the rest of this entry

There’s No Money In A Cure

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Different individuals relate to different causes, especially in terms of diseases and the like. Sure, nobody wants everyone to get sick, but people who’ve had a relative die from breast cancer may donate more money to finding a cure for breast cancer than they would, say, a cure for heart disease. One article I read (dated 2011) states that between grants and donations, breast cancer alone receives more than $6 billion dollars annually. That’s a whole lot of money.

You may be expecting me to follow up that little tidbit with the question of, “Where does the money go?” Well, that’s not what I’m asking. What I am asking is, “Why haven’t we found a cure yet?”

That’s easy. You don’t make money from a cure. You make money from treatments.

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Friends of Coal, Part 2

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I was going to reply to Jerry’s post about coal, but decided that my response was too detailed, so I’m going to write my own (and I’m stealing Jerry’s title).

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