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For Bernie, the Path to Victory is Defeat…

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I believe that Bernie Sanders is doing some great things for the American people. I don’t think he’s a visionary at all. I just think he’s sane.

He’s a sane man who has chosen to live with lunatics. His suggestions aren’t far left… they’re not extreme…

They’re reasonable. Read the rest of this entry


“Do As I Say, Not As I Said.”

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Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz… on the Constitution:

“We need to put people on the bench that understand the Constitution is not a living and breathing document. It is to be interpreted as originally meant.” – Marco Rubio

“My touchstone for every question is the constitution.” – Ted Cruz Read the rest of this entry

This Isn’t Poetic Justice.

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“Donald Trump is a monster of the republicans’ own making.”

I hear this often.

And if I’m being totally honest here, it’s something I’ve said myself, quite often.

But the more I think about it, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not true. Read the rest of this entry

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