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Political Correctness is a Good Thing.

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Look, folks. It’s time we stop acting like political correctness is the ultimate evil. It’s not. Read the rest of this entry

Love Does Not Equal Weakness

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There’s a significant misconception when it comes to the power of love. So often, the people who argue against love seem to think that love and pacifism are the same thing.

They are not. Read the rest of this entry

Why Hillary Will Keep Her Promises…

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I keep hearing the same concern, especially from Bernie supporters:

“I just don’t think Hillary Clinton will follow through on her promises.”

I hear this a lot. And for good reason… Read the rest of this entry

How Bernie Sanders Changed America

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2016 is a year of political history. In different ways, and to varying degrees, everybody made history.

Hillary Clinton is the first woman to ever be nominated for the presidency by a major political party.

Donald Trump received more votes than any republican candidate in the history of the republican primaries.

So yeah… Clinton and Trump are making history.

But they aren’t changing history. They haven’t changed the country itself. Read the rest of this entry

According to Donald J. Trump…

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This is a list of actual quotes from Donald Trump. This is not a list of my opinions. I, of course, have an opinion, and the way this list is organized may or may not give you a basic idea of what I think. But, truly, changing your mind is not the reason I’m listing these quotes. I know my opinion won’t affect your voting decision at all, so I’m not going to bother trying to convince you otherwise, either way.

I’ve compiled this list of quotes because, today, I want to hear your opinions. Specifically, I’m interested in hearing your answers to two specific questions.
Read the rest of this entry

For Bernie, the Path to Victory is Defeat…

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I believe that Bernie Sanders is doing some great things for the American people. I don’t think he’s a visionary at all. I just think he’s sane.

He’s a sane man who has chosen to live with lunatics. His suggestions aren’t far left… they’re not extreme…

They’re reasonable. Read the rest of this entry

“Do As I Say, Not As I Said.”

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Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz… on the Constitution:

“We need to put people on the bench that understand the Constitution is not a living and breathing document. It is to be interpreted as originally meant.” – Marco Rubio

“My touchstone for every question is the constitution.” – Ted Cruz Read the rest of this entry

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