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Why Hillary Will Keep Her Promises…

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I keep hearing the same concern, especially from Bernie supporters:

“I just don’t think Hillary Clinton will follow through on her promises.”

I hear this a lot. And for good reason…

Let’s be honest here… Hillary puts off a shady vibe. Often, her response to controversies is worse than the actual controversy. She’s secretive and hyper-paranoid that anything she’s ever said will be used against her by republicans.

Based on the amount of Clinton controversies that are out there, and based on the way the Clintons respond to those controversies, it’s perfectly reasonable to have misgivings about Hillary’s intentions.

But I still think she’s going to follow through on these promises. There are three reasons I believe this.

  1. Hillary was a successful Senator. By most people’s reckoning, Hillary Clinton more or less kept the promises she made when running for the Senate. In the New York primary, Hillary won by a relatively large margin. If New Yorkers didn’t like her work as a Senator, they wouldn’t have nominated her for president.
  2. Hillary wants a second term as president. This is a big one. In order to get elected, Hillary has made some significant promises to the Bernie Sanders supporters. She promised to protect the country against Wall Street. She promised to nominate a judge who will overturn Citizens United. She promised to fight income inequality and she promised to work toward universal healthcare.

    Hillary knows these are promises she has to keep, because, if she doesn’t keep those promises, there’s no way in hell she’ll be re-elected for a second term. Bernie’s supporters will make sure of that. And they’ll hold her to it because of #3…

  3. Bernie Sanders is watching. That’s right. Bernie will not allow Hillary to walk away from her promises. Bernie got a shitload of votes, and that means Bernie has a shitload of power to hold Hillary accountable.

    If Hillary doesn’t keep her promises, Bernie will make sure the world knows about it, and he’ll make sure she doesn’t get re-elected.

    And Hillary knows this.

So yeah… I think Hillary will at least try to keep her promises. Not because I trust her, necessarily. But because I know Hillary’s a politician, and as a politician, she knows that keeping those promises will absolutely determine whether or not Hillary gets a second term as president.

And I’m certain Hillary didn’t work this hard to get the presidency, just to go down in history as a one-term president.

Have a good one, folks.




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  1. I hope you are right Jerry.

    With the money she has taken from Wall Street and the big banks – lots of it – she will be walking a fine line between the needed regulations and their influence over her. Her cabinet appointees will be an indication, especially if she appoints Wall Streeters and bankers to key cabinet positions.

    By the same token, her V.P. appointment will send a signal. It seems to me that unless she selects Elizabeth Warren or Bernie she will have a hard time convincing progressives she is intent on working on their behalf. Because she won’t want to be overshadowed (and because of her ego) she will likely select a milk toast running mate. I’m not confident she will follow up on the significant promises you mentioned. She is too much of a centrist and will stay there to get reelected.

    Her vote authorizing the Iraq invasion and bellicose attitude as Secretary of State make me think she will be easily influenced by the war hawks. Again, her cabinet appointees will signal her intentions.

    I suppose it is all academic anyway, since she won’t get much done without Democrat control of the House and Senate. Four (or eight) more years of stalemate. The best we can hope for then is Supreme Court appointees and that alone is worth it.

  2. Bill, I agree about Warren. I believe choosing Warren (even though it’ll be a two-woman ticket, which scares some people) would be the absolute best thing she could do. I also, unfortunately, doubt she has the courage to do it. I think she’ll end up making a “safe” choice, like Kaine, from Virginia. I personally think that’s a mistake and will make it harder for her to defeat Trump, but I think that’s what she’ll ultimately do.

    As far as Wall Street, I share your concerns as well. However, I just remind myself that Obama has actually accepted more money from Wall Street than Hillary, yet Obama passed the most anti-Wall Street legislation we’ve seen in a very long time (Dodd-Frank). Now, I don’t think Dodd-Frank goes far enough at all. I actually think it’s quite weak, as far as anti-Wall Street legislation goes. But it is, at least, actual legislation, which is more than Obama’s predecessors can say.

    I also share your concerns about Hillary’s hawkish nature. I think she’s actually more hawkish than Trump, which scares me a bit.

    However, I also think Hillary has a lifetime of fighting for good causes, even before she entered the public arena. Straight out of law school, she took a job to help the underprivileged instead of taking a job that would have paid a LOT more money. So she chose what was right over what was financially beneficial. She also helped establish Arkansas’ first-ever rape hotline. And as First Lady, she fought like hell to get universal healthcare passed.

    So with Hillary, there’s definitely good and bad. At the end of the day, I think Hillary has no problem getting into bed with Wall Street, but when it comes to decisions that will help this country, I believe (hope?) that she’ll do the right thing.

    I think Hillary is living proof that it’s possible to be a corrupt politician AND a good person who fights for good things.

    But I sadly think you’re right. Without a democratic congress, this is all academic. Fingers crossed that she at least appoints an anti-Citizens United judge.


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