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This Isn’t Poetic Justice.

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“Donald Trump is a monster of the republicans’ own making.”

I hear this often.

And if I’m being totally honest here, it’s something I’ve said myself, quite often.

But the more I think about it, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not true.

And before I go on, let me be clear about my terminology. I’m about to say “republicans” or “the republicans” a lot. Please understand that I’m talking about the specific republican establishment politicians who are rallying together to stop a Trump presidency. So if you’re a republican voter, please understand, I’m not talking about you. I will be talking to you at the end of this blog, but for the bulk of this blog, I’m talking about the republican establishment politicians.

With that said…

I really don’t think Trump is a monster of the republicans’ own making.

The republicans didn’t create Trump.

They imported him.

There is nothing about Trump that surprises the republican establishment politicians, and – contrary to the claims of every establishment republican who’s now “standing against” Trump – they do not think Trump is “a stain on republican values.” He actually sums up their values pretty well. They don’t think he’s too extreme. They don’t think he’s too bombastic. They don’t think he’s bringing down the party.

So no… they don’t hate Trump. Truth is, I’m pretty damn sure that, for a very long time, they loved him. So contrary to what many democrats are saying, Trump is not the product of republican hatred and bigotry. Trump is the product of one simple but significant miscalculation.

They’re not rallying together to stop Trump because he is an insult to their values. That’s a big, steaming pile of political horseshit.

They’re trying to stop Trump for one and only one reason:

Trump broke his leash.

They tried to play him and instead, they got played.

Trump’s campaign is based on fear, anger, hatred, and bigotry.

That’s exactly the emotions and attitudes the republican establishment has been harnessing since 9/11. That is, in my opinion, the essence of opportunism.

In no way did they create Trump or his rise to power. Credit where credit’s due, Trump created himself. Trump is a brand and the republican establishment wanted to cash in on that brand.

They welcomed Trump’s manipulative games. They embraced them. They cultivated them.

And it backfired.

The difference I’m talking about here is subtle, but it’s significant.

They knew what Trump was about the day he joined the “birther” movement, and they actively recruited him. This week, they’re all calling him a “con-artist,” and they’re right. He is a con-artist. But what they aren’t saying is that they knew he was a con-artist when they recruited him. Hell, that’s why they recruited him.

And they knew about his past. They knew he had decades of liberal viewpoints. They knew he supported Hillary Clinton in interviews. They knew he said the country is better off when it’s run by democrats.

They just didn’t care, because they also knew (correctly) that voters wouldn’t give a shit.

Today, Romney came out of his billion dollar cave and gave a big speech about how terrible Trump is and about how Trump stands against the fundamental republican values.

But in 2012, when Trump offered his support, Romney accepted it. Romney knew full well what Trump stood for. He just didn’t care.

Romney accepted Trump’s support because he knew Trump was a con-artist. He knew Trump could manipulate voters like a pro. He counted on the fact that Trump was a con-artist.

So let’s not be gullible here, folks. Romney didn’t make his speech because he wants to protect the values of the republican party.

Romney’s speech today was his official bid for the presidency. Just like Trump, Romney saw an opening and he took it.

I want you to think about this very carefully…

In Romney’s speech today, he said he hopes Cruz wins more states… and he hopes Rubio wins Florida… and he hopes Kasich wins Ohio.

There’s only one possible reason Romney would want all three of those candidates to win states. It’s certainly not because he wants one of them to beat Trump. If that were really his motivation, he’d have been calling for two of them to bow out and throw their support by the third. And he could have just as easily called for that without endorsing any specific candidate.

But he didn’t call for that. He called for all of them to win just enough to stop Trump without winning enough to claim the victory for themselves.

And why would he do that?

Because he doesn’t want any of them to win.

He wants to be the “white knight.” He wants the votes to be split just enough to cause a contested convention… because if that happens, the establishment will be free to pick any candidate they want to pick, and they do not have to limit their choice to Rubio, Kasich, or Cruz. They can pick anybody.

And today, Romney made it clear that he wants to be that guy. And if not him, he wants it to be someone he can control.

His entire speech was nothing more than his attempt to allow the establishment to ignore the will of the voters and instead give him a third shot at the presidency, because this year he wouldn’t be running against a movement. He’d either be running against “a socialist” or the second most disliked politician in Washington.

We cannot let the republicans pretend this is a fight between good and evil.

This isn’t a battle between Superman and Lex Luthor. This is a battle between Lex Luthor and the Joker (sorry for letting my inner nerd show here, but it’s the best example I could think of).

This is a presidential battle where the candidates have actually been arguing about penis size.

I’m not speaking metaphorically here. In a speech, Marco Rubio (the “establishment” candidate) made an inference that Trump has a small penis.

And in tonight’s debate, Trump responded by saying, “I guarantee you, that’s not true.”

That’s right folks. In a presidential debate, a candidate just “guaranteed” America that he has a big dick.

How can we possibly think other world leaders are going to take these people seriously?

So I humbly suggest that we stop saying Trump is “the monster that the republicans created.”

He’s not.

Don’t get me wrong… I understand the sentiment, and, in some ways, I even agree with it.

But it’s giving the republican establishment far too much credit. They’re not Dr. Frankenstein, who was trying to create life and ended up with a monster. The republican establishment’s intentions were never good. They knew Trump is an opportunist who uses hate and fear to manipulate people. The only mistake the republican politicians made is the fact that they thought they could control him.

This is a case of two criminals who agreed to rob a bank together, then, in the get-away car, one of the criminals pointed his gun at his partner and said, “Surprise! This is a double-cross.”

And frankly, I’m sick and tired of both of them. And I don’t say that because I disagree with their positions. I respect people with different opinions.

Hell, I’m not even offended by the fact that they’re liars. Most politicians are liars. I’m offended that they think they can do it so badly and still expect us to believe them.

I’m an independent. I don’t give a shit about democrats any more than I give a shit about republicans. I’ve voted for republicans in the past.

But this year… when I watched a democratic debates, I saw two candidates debating about the issues. Even when they were attacking each other, it was about the issues.

And on the republican side, I keep seeing the candidates debating about the size of their penises… sometimes metaphorically and sometimes literally.

Come on, republican voters. I know you guys are largely good people.

Please… make these dipshits stop this nonsense. Only you – the republican voters have that power. Politicians never change when the only people calling them out on bullshit are the people on the “other side.” They can disregard their enemies. But they can’t discount you… the people who elect them. They won’t get better until you – the republican voters – tell them to cut that shit out.

The rest of us are counting on you. Help us out here. Tell them to get better or go home.


Because you folks know the truth just as well as we do.

Trump isn’t a monster the republicans created. He’s a hitman they hired to take out the democrats, but he’s gone rogue. He turned his gun on the people who hired him.

This isn’t poetic justice.

It’s a deal gone bad.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So there it is.





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  1. Right on Jerry. Trump is a (now) conniving politician on steroids and in it for one thing – Trump. He double crossed the establishment republicans and it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of assholes.

  2. Ultimately, I think the Republican party has become a kind of genre porn. They get angry people to spout about this or that thing that’s destroying America, and they enjoy the Hell out of it. As long as the object of contempt is suitably contemptible, they will enjoy the show. That many of these people have no real solutions, and that many of them will actively make things worse is also beside the point. The rush of hatred is too powerful to care about such details. We keep hearing about an establishment behind all this, but it’s been a long time since they could really direct the show.


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