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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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In one of my recent articles, I talked about Occupy Wall Street and how there were quite a few “police crackdowns” going on during the protests at Zucotti Park in New York. If you recall, the main reason for these protests was (originally) to remove Wall Street money from government. When the police crackdowns started, a lot of people (so-called “conspiracy theorists”) claimed that the police force was in league with Wall Street.

If you ridiculed any of those people, you might just owe them an apology.

The NYC Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, was a former employee of Bear Stearns. In 2000 and 20001, Kelly was their “managing director for corporate security”.

I know – this was something that many people knew at the time of the protests and crackdowns. But the man was simply doing his job, right? There’s no way he would have ordered crackdowns on peaceful protesters who were exercising their constitutional rights simply because he had friends on Wall Street.

Well, it turns out that Mr. Kelly is in fact in talks with a little company known as JP Morgan to take their top security job. The New York Post says:

Kelly’s potential position with JPMorgan Chase would make him responsible for security at the giant financial firm, with emphasis on cyber-security, people familiar with the ongoing talks said.
Kelly’s new job could come with a seven-figure package of salary and bonuses.
The firm’s senior security officer, Thomas Higgins, left about a month ago and has not been replaced.

Some people say Kelly is leaving the job because the mayor-elect, Bill de Blasio, has been an outspoken critic of Kelly and his support of the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policies as of late. I personally think he’s leaving because of the seven-figure package of salary and bonuses.

I don’t know, folks. Call it what you want, but stuff like this turns my stomach.

At least we know there won’t be any major protests going on outside of JP Morgan.

You all take care.

Clyde O. Watson


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  1. Good job cutting through the smokescreen (or hidden agenda) on that one Clyde.


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