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Dead Soldiers

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Because of the government shutdown, four families will receive no death benefits from the four soldiers who died in Afghanistan this past weekend. Normally, the families of those soldiers get money to pay for funerals and travel expenses… but not this time. The government shutdown prevents them from getting that money, so now their already horrible experience is made even worse because of politics. 

John McCain (among others) spoke about this. He basically said it was disgraceful and he said Congress should be ashamed that this is happening. He said to deny the families of these fallen soldiers relief is unforgivable.

And he’s absolutely right. It is unforgivable.

But you know what’s more unforgivable?

Four soldiers died in Afghanistan this weekend.

Yes, we should take care of these fallen soldiers and the government should absolutely help these families.

But why is nobody raising hell over the fact that our sons and daughters are still dying in Afghanistan?

John McCain didn’t scream about how it’s unforgivable that these four soldiers are dead because our government is entrenched in an unnecessary war. Cable news reporters are talking about how tragic it is that these families aren’t getting benefits, but none of them are reporting about how tragic it is that these families lost their children to a war that shouldn’t involve us.

Don’t get me wrong, here. I’m not a complete hippie. I understand that sometimes, war is necessary.

But usually they are not. This country has not been in a necessary war in over 50 years.

We keep sending our people to other countries to die for nothing.

According to a Harvard report, this country has spent nearly $2 trillion on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That same report estimates that the ultimate cost to taxpayers will be $4 to $6 trillion. For the rest of this article, I’ll just use the lower estimate of $4 trillion.

That’s $4,000,000,000,000.00.

Now, think about this… Estimates for Obamacare’s cost over the next ten years range from $900 billion to $1.7 trillion.

Opponents of Obamacare get extremely upset because they think $1.7 trillion (over 10 years) is too much money to spend on a healthcare revamp.

But when it comes to going to war to kill people, $4 trillion is acceptable.

Let me say that again. When it comes to healthcare, $1.7 trillion over ten years is unacceptable, but when it comes to killing people (our own people and the people of other countries), $4 trillion is acceptable.

Every day, I see people posting long and angry posts on Facebook complaining about Obamacare. Every day, I see politicians talk about how Obamacare is going to bankrupt the country.

You know what I don’t see every day?

I don’t see people demanding we pull our kids from unnecessary wars. I don’t see people demanding we stop spending trillions to accomplish nothing but death.

You want to solve our healthcare problems in this country?

Then stop tolerating unnecessary wars. Stop allowing our government to spend trillions of dollars to send our children off to die in unnecessary wars.


Money found.

Problem solved.

— Jerry

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