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Okay. So we’re currently on a countdown to a “government shutdown.” If the democrats and republicans don’t reach a compromise by midnight tonight, the government will “shut down.”

So what’s that mean?

It means many of the nationally funded programs in this country will close. For example, national parks will be closed. I’ve seen estimates that a government shutdown will send over 700,000 federal workers home without pay.

However, several “essential” programs will stay open. For example, folks will still get their Medicare checks. Things like that.

And you know what else is considered “essential”?


Yeah. That’s right.

Congress will still get paid.

Congress… the people who are causing this shutdown by not doing their jobs... will still get paid.

Other federal employees who work hard for 40 hours a week… they won’t get paid. Veteran paychecks and benefits might be delayed.

But Congress will still get paid.

Roll that around in your noggin for a while.


We really need to end this two-party nonsense. It’s clearly not working.



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  1. One of the essential problems with the two party system is that the two parties agree on one thing(besides giving themselves pay raises), and that is they don’t want a third party, or fourth. I believe that is why the ‘tea party’ and libertarian’s have such issues, is that deck is stacked against them when it comes to getting on the ballot. I do believe that we are really seeing a surge in both Tea Party and Libertarian parties, but the question is will it affect the Democrat and Republican parties.

    • James,

      There’s a social experiment that I’d love to see done (it would never happen, of course, but a fella can dream!).

      I’d like to see ballots with nothing but names. No “R”s, no “D”s, no “I”s, none of it. Just the names. Force people to do their homework before voting. I think if that were the case we’d see a lot more candidates showing up who weren’t just toeing the party line and voting one way or another because they’re expected to.

      Of course, that would mean that then we’d have to have actual information about the candidates, and not just smear campaigns from the other side. “This fella loves Obama so much he opened the car door for him!” “Yeah? Well, this fella hates coal miners and kicks puppies!”

      Fingers crossed for the best outcome for everybody.

      Clyde O. Watson


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